Telecom Services

Telecom Services

A business will often purchase a phone system (also known as a PBX), host it on their premises, and supply separate phone lines to the phone system. This requires significant investment into the phone system, maintenance costs, and service fees for the phone lines. Simply connect your business class phones to your Internet service and leverage our cloud-based infrastructure to deliver strong communications and mobility features at a fraction of the cost with Unified hosted VoIP.

What Make Us Different

Our Hosted VoIP service allows your company to use the latest and greatest cloud-based business phone features, while saving money on your total communications costs with our affordable call path pricing and zero maintenance costs. We also offer complete customization and additional upgrades to fit your company's telecommunications needs.

Calling and Hosted PBX

Hosted and cloud private branch exchange (PBX) options give businesses of all sizes high-powered, reliable voice options. Looking for a better cloud-based phone option? Look no further than Unified’s hosted PBX capabilities.

Why you need us

Now you can easily migrate your business phone system to the cloud with Unified hosted PBX

We can help you break the shackles of premises-based equipment and connect your multiple offices or locations with a business-grade Hosted PBX. And it’s quick and easy to move to our UCx Unified Communications services when you are ready for enhanced features such as mobile and desktop apps, screen sharing and video conferencing.

Legacy PBX systems once provided key advantages, but those benefits are now outweighed by major cost drawbacks and severely limited functionality. Traditional PBX hardware is inflexible and lacks the scalability to adapt to business changes. Onsite hardware requires a significant upfront investment that is expensive to maintain.

What make us different

  • Future-proof communications
  • Reduce costs
  • Choose your endpoints
  • Choose your bandwidth
  • Professional installation and training
  • Self-service administration
  • Unparalleled quality and support